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mantella's years of experience in Engineering Process Consultancy ideally position us to Enable Engineering Excellence within your organisation. We specialise in the process of Embedded Systems Development, so we understand the challenges and requirements associated with developing bespoke hardware solutions. We can help you to understand industry best practice, from coding standards and continuous integration approaches, to Agile methodologies and tools. We work with our customers to understand their specific goals, challenges and situations. Based on that understanding, we then collaborate with them to create or improve workflows, enabling them to manage the quality, efficiency and scale of their development operations.

What we do

Project Management

Having worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes, we have developed and refined a range of management approaches to suit all kinds of projects. Whether it's Agile or Waterfall, Scum or Kanban, we’ll work with you to find the best fit. We can advise on how to make these processes work in your organisation, such as how to combine Agile with hardware development, and on change management to bring in a new approach. 

Development Tools

Whether you're looking at tools for software development, FPGA verification, continuous integration, bug tracking or project management, the choice can be overwhelming. Even once you've chosen a tool chain, there are often numerous ways in which to configure and use it. Getting the right tool for the job can be a time consuming distraction for your development team. Through years of engagements, the team at mantella have built up a wealth of experience in a wide variety of tools and are here to make sure your development tools are driving you forward, not holding you back. 

Engineering P3

Engineering Policies, Process and Procedures should be designed to benefit your organisation, not to hinder its performance for the sake of a qualification. By working with you to understand your ultimate goal, we can help you tailor and refine your existing policies, processes and procedures to deliver quality and efficiency. We work with teams to ensure that systems work for them, empowering engineers to continually evolve these systems to keep pace with their changing needs.

Our Vision

Our goal is to make significant and ongoing positive contributions to the competitiveness and success of companies engaged in high-tech product design. We support them in creating the optimum environment for electronics and software development. By understanding the culture, strengths and challenges of each individual client, we will help them select and implement the right systems, processes and tools for their engineers to thrive. Where there are skills gaps or resource shortages, we will support them with technology advice and design services. We will never stop building and updating our knowledge, skills, experience and workflows and will remain passionate about sharing them with our clients.